WAAG Car Rental

WAAG & Company,  Hoyvíksvegur 63, 100 Tórshavn.

Tel: 00298 31 36 66 -  E-mail: leiga@waagbilar.fo


The age limit for renting a car is 21 years. All rental cars should be paid at pick up.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Where to find us:

Inexpensive With a High Service Level

Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible. Therefore, we offer car hire at a cheap dayprice. Our cars are always clean, in good repair, and come with good tyres.

Insurance and Own Risk

All our hire cars are insured with an own risk of 8.000 kr. Hence, if the hirer causes damage to the car, he is liable for the first 8.000 kr.

It is possible to buy extra insurance for 100 DKK pr day, and that will reduce the 8.000 DKK own risk to 500 DKK.

Fuel and Extra Costs

The hirer pays for the fuel used and is liable for tunnel charges, parking tickets etc. during the hiring period.

The car is handed over with a full tank of fuel and must, correspondingly, be returned with a full tank of fuel.

There is no limit to how many km you can drive during the hiring period. The price for registering more than one driver is 100 DKK pr driver.

Pick up and return of the Hire Car

The car is to be picked up and returned to WAAG & Company at Hoyvíksvegur 63, 100 Tórshavn. This can not be done elsewhere.


Cars, prices and groups

The cars are grouped after size. The costumer will always get a car from the group he or she booked. If needed WAAG can provite a car from a higher group, but for the same price.




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